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Commissions Open

Youtube Live 中継

The orders are taken on the spot and the creators draw in 1 hour, on the spot or remotely in live.

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  • Basic Plan sample

    Basic Plan

    • Mainly rough drawings that can be done in 60mins.
    • Delivery of the design during the Expo period.
    • Drawing on paper option only for participating creators on site (+10€).
  • Premium Plan sample

    Premium Plan

    • Illustrations of the highest quality, using all the skills at their disposal.
    • Draw as much as possible on the spot within the 60mins, and they will finish the remaining work at home.
    • Delivery of the finished illustration in digital drawing at a later date.

※ Prices may vary depending on the order.


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omatsuly commission

I like to draw boy/girl (shonen/shojo) figures. Past works include VTuber, OC, thumbnail for videos.

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Terumi Nishii

omatsuly commission

I am an animator, so I'll draw anime-like illustrations. Past roles include: Character Design of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable and Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya (on Netflix)

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omatsuly commission

I’m an illustrator, good at drawing male characters. I am able to draw wide range of characters from handsome to muscular characters, and from boys to older men. Past works include illustrations of the game, "The KING OF FIGHTERS for GIRLS"

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Asumi Gen

omatsuly commission

A digital illustrator who likes to draw moe/kemomimi girl characters. I like to put mysterious taste in my drawing in addition to simple cuteness. Past works include illustration of OCs and icons.

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omatsuly commission

I tend to draw girls with a soft atmosphere. I’m especially good at horns/kemomimi characters, as well as a high school girl that you may see on anime. Past works include OCs, icons, CD cover, VTuber design, creation of a Live2D model.

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Youtube Live

Youtube Live 中継

The 60mins of work of the creators in the process of drawing will be broadcasted live on YoutubeLive.



japan expo event timetable

Event Details

  • We will have live drawings by famous Japanese creators.
  • This is the only event where you can ask questions directly to the creators, who you don't usually have a chance to interact with!



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  • Spin the gacha gacha to win limited edition event merchandise.

Booth Info


Omatsuly is D617 in 6 hall