Welcome to Omatsuly!

Over the past few decades, Japanese pop culture provided unforgettable experiences to many fans around the world. And the source of these experiences is created by individual creators.
Our mission is to make creators shine even brighter at a global level. Omatsuly brings you an opportunity to directly interact with Japanese pop culture creators and explore content created by them. Enhance your fan experience, discover your favorite creator.
Omatsuly comes from the Japanese term "omatsuri" meaning "festival." This is a place where creators and fans gather with their passion to create an extraordinary experience as if you are at an omatsuri.

<About Our Commission Service>

The service allows you to obtain your original illustration from your favorite creator. These illustrations could be used for your own personal use, such as posting them on your social media accounts, making icons out of them, etc!

I. What you can request

In order to protect copyrights of our creators, your request must be original. Unfortunately, creators cannot accept fanart requests unless the license holder permits such works, or creators themselves hold the license. Additionally, we do not allow NSFW (No R-18/gore).

II. Process of requesting an order

The Omatsuly Team plays an intermediary role between creators and fans.

Few take-away points

  1. Payment occurs in advance and Omatsuly will securely holds on to your payment until your order gets delivered
  2. Expected response dates for order confirmation and expected completion dates of your order vary among creators
  3. Updates on your order will be informed through an email exchange. Our team will take a full responsibility to make sure your order gets through
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Communication by email
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Communication by web system
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Credit Card Information
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Work of your order
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III.How to use our service

Step 1: Find your favorite creator from the Commission Page

  • All creators are skillful and experienced artists from Japan.
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  1. ① Creator name and their key illustration
  2. ② Short introduction of a creator
  3. ③ Commission starting price

Step 2: Choose your plan

  • Each creator has several commission plans. Choose your best match and request what you would like the creator to draw.
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  1. ① Name of a plan
  2. ② Deliveration time and price
  3. ③ Explanation of the plan
  4. ④ Sample illustration (some may not have a sample)

Step 3: Be specific on your request and complete your order

  • If you have references, you should provide references (links for example) at the time of your order. This helps the creator to gain an image of your request.
  • If you have preferences (with or without layers, canvas size, file format, etc.), please specify them on your request.
  • There are no retakes, so we recommend your order to be as specific as it could be.
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  1. ① Explanation of a plan of your choice
  2. ② Write your request here. The more you specify the details (appearances, composition, coloring style, size, etc.), perhaps with reference URL, the better.
  3. ③ Expected response dates and expected completion dates vary among the creators. Please note that these dates are based on Japan time.
  4. ④ Your total payment. This includes the fee of your plan and a service fee.
  5. ⑤ Proceed by clicking Continue to Order. Enter your credit card information and complete your order. Please note that your payment will not occur at this point but occurs after the creator confirms your order.

Step 4: The creator checks your request

  • The creator checks your submission to see if he/she could accept your request. This may take a few days but should not take longer than the response date shown on the order page.
  • There is a possibility that they refuse your request from a scheduling point of view. However, this is not the end of the world! We will support you until you get what you are looking for, so don't hesitate to contact us.
  • Once your request has been approved by the creator, be excited! They will now make you an original illustration just for you.
  • Once the creator checked your request, we will notify you whether the creator has accepted or denied your order.

Step 5: The creator will work on your order

  • Once the creator accepts your request, they will work on it within the complete date specified on the plan. This may take a few weeks, so please be patient. Once the illustration is complete, we will contact you.
  • If, for a certain reason, the creator decides that they could no longer work on your order after they accepted your request, we will contact you immediately and fully refund your payment.

Step 6: Get your illustration!

  • You will receive your own original illustration!
  • Keep in mind that the copyright of every illustration is held by the creator who created your piece. This means that he/she has the rights to upload the works on their social media account without your permission.
IV. About Payments and Fee

We currently only accept credit card payments in USD. Your payment will be complete once the creator accepts your request. In addition to the price specified on the Commission Plan, you will be paying a service fee at the time of your order.

V. Cautions
  • No NSFW (No R-18/gore)
  • You cannot use illustrations you received from our service beyond your personal use. If you would like to use the illustrations for commercial use, please contact us first.
  • At the time of your order, you are not allowed to contact the creators from channels outside of Omatsuly. You can specify your request only once when you submit your request. Please cooperate with us so creators can enjoy Omatsuly.
  • Once your order goes through, you cannot cancel your order. This means no refunds.
  • If any of these rules are violated, your account may be suspended.
Q. Is the commission one-time service or subscription service?
A. Our commission service is a one-time service, meaning that you get one illustration per order.

Q. If my order does not get delivered, will I be refunded?
A. Yes. If the creator denies your request or fails to deliver the work regardless of accepting your request, the Omatsuly team will make sure your money gets refunded.

Q. If I am not satisfied with the work, can I do a retake?
A. You may not. There is no retake in our service. However, our creators will fully utilize their skills and creativity to generate the work, so there is no need to worry. Just be as specific as possible at the time of submitting your request since creators will work on your request based on the information you provide.

For more information, please contact us at:

Email: info-omatsuly@future.co.jp (Weekdays from 10am to 6pm JST)